What does a water purifier do?

A water purifier removes excess salts; suspend particles and preserves essential minerals and vitamins. First it absorbs the raw water that is contaminated and filters all impurities and then dispenses pure water. Some purifiers use chemicals and use electrostatic charge to kill viruses.

With so many water purifiers in the market it gets difficult to decide which is good and which is not. Considering all these factors, you must be looking for some guidance. Here we tell you how to buy a water purifier. Read on.

Types of water purifiers

Water purifiers come in 2 categories, like electric and nonelectric that suits your requirements. The non-electric purifiers are affordable and do not employs any UV technique.

1) Electric water purifier

These water purifiers are connected to pipelines with a combination of sediment filters and activated carbon. They use pipeline water and cannot store water. These are expensive than the non-electric ones but they are convenient to use and ensures safe drinking water.

Activated carbon filters: The water in this purifier is passed over the activated carbon surface, while the impurities are drawactivated carbon filtern to the surface of carbon filter. It helps in removing organic compounds, chlorine and change the taste of water.Electricity is not the requirement for this type of filter but this need to be replaced for better water purification.

Candle filters: In this water purifier, water is purified through a candle with each minute pore, any impurity that is larger than pores get blocked out. This is the cheapest purifier and does not need electricity.


What you need to take care of is that the candles need to be cleaned up to avoid clogging of pores caused due to impurities. This purifier also needs to be replaced frequently.


UV water purifier:In this technology, water is exposed to UV rays that kill 99% of organisms present in it. It destroys all the pathogens but it does not change the taste of water. Most filters use UV technology with activated carbon that removes chemicals.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters:The RO system offers the multi-stage filtration that combines the active carbon and particle filtration. In this system, the tap water is made to pass through small sized pores that separate minerals and micro-organisms.It improves the taste of water and they are mostly used where the problem with water is the high amount of dissolved minerals.

2) Non-electric water purifiers

Online: These purifiers are portable and need no electricity. It is made of plastic, while the filter candle has a resin filter that should be changed every month.

Offline: These are known as water filters and do not need electricity. These purifies are a mixture of sediment filters and activated carbon filters. Mostly used where there are chances of water shortage.

Features to consider

1) Body:

The body of the water purifier should be durable and attractive so that it suits your kitchen. The different types of material used are aluminum and ABS. You should also consider factors like quality of water and depending on the factor where you will collect the water.

2) Convenience: Depending from where you will collect the water, select an online and offline system.

3) Life Span

Many types of water purifiers, mainly carbon filters contain cartridges that need to be replaced. A cartridge’s lifespan is known as its capacity that means the amount of water that can flow through it needs to be replaced. The RO water purifiers have a special membrane that should be replaced from every 2-3 years.

4) Budget

A water purifier can cost you as less as Rs.1800 and as high as 60000. Features like display panel, rechargeable batteries and a high flow rate are available as you pay more. Best purifiers are from leading brands like Aqua guard, LG and Eureka Forbes.


Water is essential for life, but it can contain impurities like bacteria which if ingested can cause waterborne disease. The ideal water purifier should destroy all pathogens and filter all impurities like excessive minerals. So, choose a water purifier ensures safe drinking water for you and your family. Drink clean water and stay healthy.

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